The MCA have issued a new marine information notice and it will come into affect starting this May, so make sure you know how and if it applies to you!!

What you need to know…

  1. If you are using sea service testimonials to provide evidence of sea service in an application for NoE or the renewal of a Certificate of Competency, then you must have the testimonial verified before submitting your application.
  2. The MCA will continue to provide direct verification of sea service on individual application but seafarers must note that the response time may be subject to operational delays and will not be included in the normal MCA service standards. The MCA may take 160 days to process applications that do not include a completed PYA or Nautilus Record Book. We may return applications where sea service is not broken down as per section 4 of MSN 1858 for Deck Officers or Section 4.8 of MIN 524 for Engineers. This will result in additional courier costs to be covered by the seafarer.
  3. The MCA will continue to accept that duly signed and stamped entries of qualifying sea service declared in an approved Service Record Book (SRB) constitute prima facie evidence of such sea service and does not require additional documentation or further verification.
  4. The MCA currently accepts the following documentation as evidence of sea service:
  • Merchant Navy discharge book supported by verified yacht service testimonials.
  •  Certificates of discharge supported by verified yacht service testimonials.
  •  The Professional Yachting Association Service Record Book.
  •  Nautilus Service Record book

Nautilus International offers a flat-rate verification service, in an MCA-approved service record book, for non members, costing only €95 for 12 months unlimited verification.

If you think you might want some help with logging your sea service to these current standards, we walk you through the process step by step. CrewLog has been designed to simplify and clarify sea service for all professional yacht crew and includes definitions, helpful hints, testimonials, discharge certificates and calculations for you as you create your logbook and it is totally free to sign up and get started. No commitment, no credit card, just help with your sea service.

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