How great would it be to turn on vessel tracking in your logbook and have your sea miles kept up to date for you?  That’s what we’ll be offering, but the price depends on you…

Our team of developers are doing what it takes to make vessel tracking happen straight from your logbook starting this September, but the rest depends on our crew response and how many people are keen… 

We are using marine’s database and programming our own customized maps to display vessel position, course, speed and route traveled, as well as, have it updated hourly through your AIS device onboard.

You’d also have the option to share trips with friends and family, so they could track you as you traveled, too… which could be good for all the worrisome parents out there.

After crunching some numbers, we came up with some rough estimates on pricing and what it could look like come September when we launch this feature…  

  • 10 crew using tracking$17/month
  • Over 100 crew$7.50/month
  • Over 200 crew$6.50/month
  • Over 300 crew $5.50/month
  • Over 400 crew$4.50/month
  • Over 500 crew$3.95/month

Our favorite part about tracking is you end up having a record of where you have traveled while onboard that we can use to help you fill out your sea service stuff- like testimonial forms and discharge certificates for starters…  And while we have these forms currently available in our logbooks, ready to be printed should you need them, we want to offer crew ‘the package deal-‘ with tracking.

And as you can see, the prices vary drastically!  So the goal is to offer affordable tracking, and the only way we can do that is if  yacht crew want it, and let us know that, so we can get the best prices through marine!!

So like, share, comment, and let us know how much you’d pay to have vessel tracking in your logbooks.. and we’ll continue working on making it happen.  The more crew involved the cheaper we can make this for everyone!  So don’t wait.. we need to hear from you now!