A personal nautical diary

Create a logbook that includes trips, photos, nautical miles, ports visited and much more. Share these trips via email, facebook or twitter and let people know what you've been up to. Or simply keep a private log for yourself and your professional career.

The choice is yours!

Your sea service calculator

We know how tricky recording sea service can be, so we walk you through creating your logbook with a step by step guide that provides helpful hints, definitions and calculations to ensure things are clear and simple along the way.

MCA forms at your fingertips

Once you've created your online logbook you'll have all the information you need for your MCA Testimonials and Discharge certificates which can be downloaded right from your logbook.

Reminders of expiry to keep you current

Set your reminders of expiry for 60 days before, 30 days before or both and we'll email you to let you know what CoC is expiring and that it's time to get the process started. That way you'll never forget to renew a certificate again.

A Comparison: Your sea service VS MCA requirements

We have broken down sea service requirements for each MCA Certificate of Competency for deck and engineering departments, (along with all other requirements) so you can easily compare your totals with what's required by the MCA.

Our take on privacy…

We understand the importance of privacy and have given all crew the option to keep a completely private logbook. We also automatically hide all account details and sea service info from visitors should you share your trips with friends, post to facebook or create a vanity URL for a more public logbook.

CrewLog's E-Signature software

In development: We are working on bringing you the latest in digital technology. Soon we will be helping to save some trees by keeping sea service records online. Email your documents directly to a captain (or responsible person) for endorsing and have everything approved for your next CoC. Never to be lost again.