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How does Crewlog work for you?

Spending time at sea? CrewLog helps you log your trips for both personal and professional reasons. Whether you want to create a personal logbook, with the option to share with friends and family as you travel the world by sea, or need one for logging your sea service according to MCA requirements, we can help...

Step one: Sign up

Getting started is quick and easy. Once we verify your email address you’ll be able to personalize your account and start logging your time onboard- in no time at all!

Step two: Create a new vessel

Follow our simple step-by-step guide and we’ll provide you with helpful hints as you go to keep you on track and log what you need for each vessel.

Step three: Add a trip

Log your time spent at sea with useful calculations and definitions to make sure you have everything you need for licensure with the MCA.

Step four: Add pics

Take your best pictures and attach them to your trips. It’s a great way to share your travels and what you’re up to. We will be expanding our pic section post beta testing for those wanting more space!

Step five: Share trips

Share your amazing adventures and post trips to your facebook timeline, twitter followers or email them directly to friends and family.

Step six: Sign off

We’ve got you covered when it comes to signing off… With the click of a button you’ll have all the MCA forms required for your records.

In a nutshell


Our goal is to offer quality tools to help the yachting industry and have enough money to keep creating. Our low price makes it a no brainer.


To keep our logbooks simple and easy to use we ruled out ad placement. We will be incorporating ads in the future, but never to the detriment of our user experience and an optional ad free plan will be available.


With the demand for more and more regulations, certifications, and paperwork- it only makes sense to have modern, online systems to accommodate the needs of our ‘on the go’ industry.


It’s not easy creating user friendly software. We’ve spent years modifying, testing and adjusting our user experience with UI experts at Tuitve Group, to ensure our logbook hits the mark and works for all logbook holders.

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